Journal of Education and Entrepreneurship

This Journal is formerly known as Journal of Educational Policy and Entrepreneurial Research (Jeper), in a bid to ensure that previously published papers on the Journal are easily found online, we have took over the management of this Journal when the original publisher shutdown. The Journal is now known as Journal of Education and Entrepreneurship. Please note that presently, this Journal is edited by voluntary top scholars in Education. As soon as we find permanent editor-in-chief, we’ll make it public.

Journal DOI: 10.26762/jee|P-ISSN:  2408-770X   | E-ISSN: 2408-6231


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The aim of this Journal is to present key issues in all fields of Education and Entrepreneurship across the globe. The Journal publishes four times a year. Only original manuscripts that are not previously published and not under consideration for publication elsewhere should be submitted for review and possible publication. Manuscripts must strictly address critical issues and be innovative. 

All manuscripts submitted must go through plagiarism check before sending out for reviews. Accepted Similarity index for this Journal is less than 20%. We do not promise quick review as manuscript reviewing process may take up to four to eight weeks.

There are no submission deadlines and no article publication scheduled dates. Manuscripts can be submitted in Microsoft Words file as an attachment to Please read our paper submission guideline here before submitting your manuscript to this Journal.

Published Papers

Vol. 4. N0. 10, 2017

Factors Determining Employee Retention in the Banking Sector: A Case Study of Agricultural Bank of Sudan

Authors: Rasha Mohamed; Thomas Katua Ngui and Benjamin Mulili

Influence of Pupils’ Reasoning Ability and Gender on their Multiplicative Thinking

Authors: Ado, Isaac Bennet and Ekwueme, Cecilia O.

Access to wheelchair maintenance-services in Uganda: Maximizing user’s functioning, safety and prolonged wheelchair duration.

Authors: Musenyente Elijah and Eron Lawrence

Pre-Modern and Modern Male Circumcision Rites among the Tharaka of Eastern Kenya.

Authors: Charles K. Moywaywa and Stephen I. Akaranga.

Influence of Corporate Governance Structure on Financial Performance: A Case of Listed Commercial Banks in Kenya.

Authors: Benedicta K. Kamazima, Paul Mathenge and Thomas Ngui

Effects of Perceived Internal Equity of Rewards on Job Satisfaction: A Case of Host Country Workers of International Non-Governmental Organizations in Nairobi.

Authors: Catherine Njambi, Aloys B. Ayako and Thomas Katua Ngui

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