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Zeetarz Mega Services LTD is a Nigerian service based Company registered with the Cooperate Affairs Commission of the Federal Republic of Nigeria (RC: 1285551). Zeetarz Mega Services started as a one page blog that focused on publishing how-to-do-it articles and education related articles in 2015. It eventually grew into a full service based company in 2017.

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Count Down to the Research Book Launch


Copyright © 2018 by Zeetarz Publishing. Zeetarz Educational Services Book Collection

ISBN: 978-978-988769-0,   DOI: 10.26762/bk.2018.01

The book titled Approaches to Empirical and Theoretical Research Studies, will be lunched on the 29th March, 2018 during the 4th International Conference on Education for sustainable Development. This book explained everything you need to know about research, writing research papers, reports, thesis, dissertation and supervision of students’ works. Written by two professors of Research and Global Business from  the United States Institutions, its a last bus-stop for young scholars around the world. You can order the book in advance and we’ll ensure you receive your copy few days after March 29th, 2018.

“The purpose of the writing a proposal is to set forth a plan for conducting your research.  A well written plan makes the rest of the tasks easier to execute and gives everyone (academics committees, publishers, etc.) the confidence that you know how to conduct the study. There is no required format for writing the proposal, but there are essential items that need to be addressed even though the order of the items may vary at times. The content and detail of some sections may vary because of the research design you intend to use” (Madueke and Ehiobuche, 2018).


Professor Emmanuel Onyeozili reviews on the published New Book

Approaches to Empirical and Theoretical Research Studies has performed an academic diagnosis and practical surgery to the enigma of research design and methods. For so long has research writing been a bane and source of fear to several students, but this book has emerged as a timely intervention not only to allay those fears, but also to make research methodology and research writing a romantic exercise for all scholars.

In the best of simplistic manner, the authors have saved many research students a lot of reading time with their simplified presentation and, thoughtful step by step design approach they employed in writing this book. The language is so lucid that it will again make research desirable and interesting for especially beginning graduate students. It is a must read to believe and, I recommend it to all budding scholars and research writers.  

Emmanuel Onyeozili, Ph.D. Professor of Criminal Justice, University of Maryland, USA .


New Research Papers

Influence of pH, Naphthenic Acid Concentration  and Percent Watercut in the Formation of Calcium Naphthenate in Brine/Crude Oil System using Stearic Acid in Toluene as Model Oil    https://doi.org/10.26762/ces.2018010012 

Authors:   Abdullahi Attahiru, Umar Abubakar and Habiba Yerima

Deposition of metal naphthenates in process facilities is becoming a huge problem for petroleum companies producing highly acidic crudes. These acids have associated with corrosion of refinery equipment leading to the incurrence of additional cost to the consumer, and are toxic to aquatic wildlife, making disposal and remediation of contaminated waters and sediments a significant problem. In this research, the focus was on the oil-water interfacial properties of naphthenic acids and their ability to react with different divalent cations across the interface to form metal naphthenates. The paper reports the influence of naphthenic acid concentration, pH of formation water and water contents in the formation of metal naphthenates in crude oil production using model oil stearic acid in toluene and synthetic brine containing calcium, sodium and magnesium ions. The results showed that variation in pH of the formation water and stearic acid concentration had a direct relationship with the amount of metal naphthenate precipitates formed at the oil-water interface, reaching an optimum at about 68% water cut at constant synthetic brine concentration. The results suggest that concentration of naphthenic acid, pH of the formation water and percent water cut were the main factors that influenced formation of metal naphthenates in crude-oil reservoirs. The FTIR spectroscopy analysis of the precipitates formed indicated the formation of calcium naphthenate as the dominant metal naphthenate formed….Read More


The Novel as a Representation of the Igbo Society: an Ethnographic Analysis   https://doi.org/10.26762/iajah.201800001

Author: Uche Nnyagu, Ph.D

Imaginative literature, though a work of art, is a mirror of life. The reader understands the way of life of a people through the author’s invented people and locations in literature, referred to as characters and setting respectively. These characters when well managed to cohere with the setting, help the reader to understand himself or herself and other people in real life. The notion that literature is read for the mere entertainment it offers the reader is an illusion. Part of the functions of literature is to educate. In this paper, the researcher aptly considers the relationship between facts and fiction in literature with particular reference to how Chinua Achebe and Chimamanda Ngozi Adichie blend facts and fiction in their respective selected novels. The paper affirms that Achebe’s Things Fall Apart marks the origin of modern African Literature and that it x-rays the way of life of the Igbo in the remote past. Adichie’s Purple Hibiscus mirrors the way of life of an Igbo in the contemporary Igbo society. The works, albeit they represent different eras of the society, centre on the way of lives of the different peoples of Igbo in different periods of the society…Read More here

The Use of Mathematical Games and Secondary School Students’ Achievement in Mathematics in Fako Division, South West Region of Cameroon    https://doi.org/10.26762/jee.2018.40000009

Author: Nekang Fabian Nfon, Ph.D

This study investigated the effect of mathematical games on secondary school students’ achievement in mathematics in Fako Division in the South West Region of Cameroon. Its objectives are to determine (1) the effect of the tic-tac-toe mathematical game on secondary school students’ achievement in mathematics in Fako Division in the South West Region of Cameroon; (2) the effect of the dots and boxes mathematical game on secondary school students’ achievement in mathematics in Fako Division in the South West Region of Cameroon; (3) the effect of the playing card mathematical game on secondary school students’ achievement in mathematics in Fako Division in the South West Region of Cameroon; (4) the effect of the dice mathematical game on secondary school students’ achievement in mathematics in Fako Division in the South West Region of Cameroon. The research design used for this study was the survey research design because; it involved just a portion of students from two schools chosen through a multistage sampling technique….. Read more here 

Vitamin-Mineral Status on Copying Tasks Completion of Children with Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder (ADHD)    https://doi.org/10.26762/aee.201800005

Author: Adebisi, Rufus Olanrewaju, Ph.D.

The study investigated the vitamin – mineral status of children with attention deficit hyperactivity disorder, and determined how disorder in children affect classroom copying tasks performance. The study was motivated by the persistent attention problems that often disrupt learning, lower classroom task involvement and performance of children with ADHD. The study used quasi experimental research with the population of children with ADHD, who as a result of the disorders led to copying tasks in completion, poor performance and other learning activities in schools. Purposive sampling technique was adopted, in which eight (8) children with ADHD were sampled. Conners’ Teachers Rating Scale – Revised (CTRS-R), Behaviour Measurement Scale (BMS) and Quantum Magnetic Resonance Image Analyser (QMRIA) were instruments adapted for the study. CTRS-R and BMS’s reliability indexes at of 0.92 and Cronbach’s Alpha (α) = 0.89 (p <.0.001) respectively, at 0.05 significant level….. Read More here


Face-to-Face Meeting with Africa Education Evaluation Editor-in-Chief, Prof. Zoba Madueke

Africa Education Evaluation, editor-in-chief ‘Zoba Madueke and our publication staff will be at the 4th International Conference on Education for Sustainable Development (ICESD) 2018 from March Wednesday March 28 through Thursday March 29, 2018. If you plan to attend, we invite you to come see us at San Diego Hotels, conference room for some face-to-face meeting, chat and learn about our publishing requirements and options. Please join us.