This event is a multi-disciplinary conference and will once again provide a forum for sharing of ideas, presentation of research findings, and discussion of professional issues relevant to Sustainable Development. The Conference is scheduled to hold from 28th – 29th March, 2018 at San-Diego Hotels, Abakaliki, Ebonyi State Nigeria.  We are proud to welcome you once more to the beautiful rice producing state, one of the safest towns in Southeast Nigeria.


You can download the conference flyer here or, use download link at the end of this page for easy download.

Distinguished speakers during the Conference;





The conference will feature:

  • Expert Group Meeting on Issues and Challenges of Academic Research in Nigeria.
  • Keynote Speeches
  • Technical Sessions
  • Paper presentations
  • Professional Development Workshops
  • Poster Presentations
  • Pre-conference Programmes
  • Training on academic research papers writing and  accessing research funding/grants etc.


Conference Areas of Interest

Socio-Cultural Sustainability, Financial Sustainability, Environmental Sustainability, Agricultural Sustainability and Education


Call for Papers

We invite papers that address the following:

  • Socio-Cultural Sustainability: (Sustainable Urbanism, Human Development, Psychology, Sociology, Gender equality).
  • Financial Sustainability (SMEs, Ending Poverty, Unemployment Reduction, MicroFinance, International Business/ Trade, Local Investments, Entrepreneurship and Skills Development, Economic Sustainability, International Relations/ Politics).
  • Environmental Sustainability (Water and Soil Conservation, Healthcare Services and Programmes, Renewable Energies, Food and Environmental Legislation, Disease Control Measures, Water and Sanitation, Waste Recycling etc.).
  • Agricultural Sustainability: (Jobs Creation, Ending Hunger, Management of Farm Produce, Food Security, Empowering Farmers, Impact of Imported Foods, Irrigation Problems, Food Processing, Emerging Issues in Agricultural Development).
  • Education: (Curriculum Development/ Evaluation, Management and Supervision of Educational Programmes, Instructional Delivery System, Emerging Issues in Education and Practice, Inclusive Education/ classroom).

Abstracts must be in one of the following format:

Research Focus, Practice Focus and Theory Focus


Abstract Submission

Authors wishing to present papers during the conference should email their abstracts or full papers latest 20th January, 2018 to


Submission Deadline

All abstracts/ full papers should get to the organizers of the conference on or before 28th January, 2018.


Publishing of Presented Papers

Authors wishing to publish their presented papers are advised to submit their full paper after the conference for review and publication in any of our Journals. Please note that all papers must be checked for plagiarism before peer-reviews.


Few Reasons to attend the 4th International Conference;

  • Have opportunity to interact and share research ideas with top scholars in a truly academic conference;
  • Present your research findings before professionals and learn hidden secrets about academic paper publishing;
  • Have a chance to participate in Expert Group Meeting (free event) on the 27th of March, 2018 and listen to research experts dissect everything about academic research/ grant and publishing;
  • Have opportunity to collaborate with scholars from other countries on research projects;
  • Join our research network, support and mentor young scholars and let your voice be heard.
  • Explore the small beautiful rice producing city of Abakaliki; one of the safest towns in Southeast Nigeria.


If you would love to participate in Expert Group Meeting on Academic Research in Nigeria, please visit here to participate.