Zeetarz Publishing: Call for Book Chapter Contribution


Book Title: Emerging Trends in Entrepreneurship Education


Christian Ehiobuche (P.hD), Professor of Global Business/Management, Larry L Luing School of Business NJ /NY, Berkeley College, USA.

Prof. Victor Ojakorotu, Department of Politics & International Relations, Faculty of Human & Social Science, North-West University, Mafikeng, South Africa

Ugochukwu Chinonso Okolie, Department of TVE, Faculty of Education, Ebonyi State University, Abakaliki

Important Dates:

Call for Chapters Proposal Submission Deadline:                  30th July, 2017

Full Chapter Submission Deadline:                                        30th October, 2017

Final Submissions:                                                                  30th November, 2017

Online Publication Date:                                                         15th January, 2018

Paper Back Publication Date:                                                 30th March, 2018                



This book will aim to relevant theoretical frameworks latest practical research findings in the area of Entrepreneurship Education in developing and developed countries. It will be written for professionals who wish to improve their understanding on the strategic roles of Entrepreneurship and skills development at sectoral, national, regional and international level.

The target audience of this book will be professionals and scholars working in the field of entrepreneurship development, curriculum development, policy making, skills development and acquisition, quality assurance and competency standards in various fields etc. Lastly, the book will provide insights on the links between education and the labour market.

Who Can Contribute Chapter?  

Professionals, Scholars, Researchers, Policy Makers, Quality Assurance Experts, Curriculum Developers, Entrepreneurs, Instructors etc. can contribute Chapter.

Maximum Number of Chapters per Contributor

An author is allowed to contribute maximum of two chapters. Teamwork and collaborations are highly encouraged to ensure quality of the manuscript. We strongly encourage authors to collaborate with researchers / colleagues in different countries to ensure quality of chapters.

Recommended Topics

Authors are encouraged to develop their manuscripts in the following areas:

  • Issues and Challenges of Entrepreneurship Education in Developing Countries.
  • Public/Private Sector Partnership Developing Entrepreneurship Programmes
  • Best Practices in Delivering Entrepreneurship Education
  • Missing Links in Entrepreneurship Programmes in Higher Education Institutions
  • Repackaging Entrepreneurship Education Curriculum to be Labour Market Driven
  • Entrepreneurship Education and Relationships with TVET Programme
  • Successful and Unsuccessful Interventions of Governments in Entrepreneurship Education
  • Management of Entrepreneurship Development Centres in Higher Education Institutions
  • Evaluation of Entrepreneurship Education
  • Training / Retraining of Entrepreneurship Instructors
  • Quality Assurance and Standards in Entrepreneurship
  • Other Emerging Issues in Entrepreneurship Education


Submission Process

Researchers and practitioners are invited to submit on or before 30th July 2017, a chapter proposal of 2,000 words clearly explaining what the chapter aims at contributing to the book. Authors will be notified within two weeks about the status of their proposals. Guidelines on how to develop the full paper will as well be given to the Author upon acceptance of the chapter proposal. Full chapters are expected to be submitted by 30th October, 2017. All submitted manuscripts must be rigorously reviewed on double-blind peer review basis.

Note: There are no submission, acceptance or publication fees for this manuscripts submitted to this book publication (Emerging Trends in Entrepreneurship Education). All accepted manuscripts will be based on results of rigorous double-blind peer review.


Note 2: If your chapter proposal is accepted, full manuscript must be minimum of 9,000 words excluding title pages, abstract and references. Manuscripts must be original and not previously published elsewhere. Manuscripts will also be checked for plagiarism!!



This book is scheduled to be published by Zeetarz Publishing; a Nigerian registered Academic Publishing Company with Global presence. Please visit

Important Dates:

30th July, 2017:                        Chapter Contribution Proposal Deadline

30th October, 2017                  Full Manuscript Submission Deadline

30th November, 2017              Final Manuscript Submission Deadline

15th January, 2018                   Online Publication of the Book

30th March, 2018                     Print Publication of the Book

Inquiries about the Book

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