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What are your difficulties conducting academic research? Many scholars have identified several challenges they face while conducting academic researches, ranging from how to get researchable topics, differentiating between opinion papers and research papers, writing good abstract, how to identify good research problems, how to present study methodology, data analysis, how to present discussion of findings, citations and references as well as how to know when they are plagiarizing… Read More here


A Quick Guide to Preparing your Manuscript for Publication in Academic Journals: The Editor-in-Chief of Africa Education Evaluation, Prof. Zee Madueke offers a quick guide to preparing your manuscript for publication. When preparing your manuscript for publication in peer review journals, it is very important to first read the Journal’s manuscript submission guidelines. This will help you a lot. Some journal editors will desk-reject your manuscript simply because you did not follow the manuscript submission guidelines….Read More here


How important is the peer review of your manuscript? The peer review process is one of the most significant aspects of publishing your research study. If your research is not properly reviewed or vetted, you stand the risk of misleading readers when it is eventually published. Spreading misinformation and disrupting the productive, efficient, and meaningful flow of scholarly communication, regardless of the field or discipline is associated with poor review of manuscripts submitted to academic journals…..Read More Here