Factors Determining Employee Retention in the Banking Sector: A Case Study of Agricultural Bank of Sudan


Rasha Mohamed; Thomas Katua Ngui and Benjamin Mulili


This study sought to evaluate the factors affecting employee retention in the banking sector of Sudan with a specific focus on Agricultural Bank of Sudan (ABS). To enhance the success of the study, two research objectives were utilized, these included; to establish the effects of training on employee retention at Agricultural Bank of Sudan and to determine the effects of working environment on employee retention at Agricultural Bank of Sudan. The study used descriptive survey research design. The sampling method used for this study was stratified simple random sampling methods to select respondents. Questionnaire was used for data collection; the researcher cleaned, coded and entered collected data on Statistical Packages for Social Sciences (SPSS) version 21.0. Data was analyzed descriptively and also by use of multiple regressions as advanced analysis method. The descriptive data was presented in the format of pie charts, figures and tables with frequencies, percentages, means and percentages as measures for distribution mechanisms while regression was only presented in table formats but with clear indication of significant levels and adjusted R-square for all the independent variables. Key findings among others revealed that training contributes to employee retention in banks as was supported by majority of employees who agreed that training plays a significant role in retaining employees. It was also found that working environment influences employee retention as was supported by majority of respondents who indicated strong agreement with statements under this variable, working conditions. The study concluded and made recommendations based on results found.

Keywords: Employee Retention, Training, Working Environment and Performance

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