Expert Group Meeting 2018


This event is free and open to only 30 academic research experts.

This event aims at discussing innovative strategies for encouraging local research efforts in Nigeria. Research activities in Nigerian Universities are almost dead, what must be done now? The event will focus on strengthening Academic Research in Nigeria.




Poor quality of research in Nigerian Tertiary Institutions has been headlining major International Conferences, Newspapers, Seminars and Academic Forums. Many have blamed this on lack of quality academic training/ retraining, personal work ethics and real scholarly quest. Rather than demonstrating real scholarship by finding solutions to emerging issues in our societies through conducting quality and globally competitive researches, average Nigerian tertiary institution lecturers unremorsefully are interested in making money by struggling to handle as many courses as possible; so that s/he’ll have many students to enforce his/her “copy and Paste” textbooks to buy.

In the Western World, Universities are rated and ranked by quality of researches conducted by their academic staff. Here in Nigeria, reverse is the case. Some Nigerian lecturers even go as far as becoming house boys and running errands for Vice-chancellors so that in turn, they’ll be made Professors few days to the end of Vice-Chancellor’s term in office. This is why we have many Professors in Nigeria who have little or nothing to profess. Most of our University Administrators are not interested in funding research projects; they prefer to spend heavily on unimportant elephant projects so that they’ll have avenues to diverting money meant for research projects. Take time to go through at least 200 Universities websites overseas, you’ll see that they have several funding packages for research works. Here, both students and lecturers use their personal money to fund research projects except for TETFund that most times never get to real scholars who truly need the fund.

My questions are; what quality of research do we intend to obtain when students and lecturers fund research themselves? What do we get when majority of our lecturers do not conduct research on their own except few months to promotion exercises and appraisals? What do we intend to achieve when majority of our lecturers are meant to believe that they can only publish strictly for promotion exercises? What do we intend to achieve when we do not encourage little research efforts made by few who value research in Nigeria academic system? Over 70% of senior lecturers and Professors in Nigerian Universities are not internet literate; in fact, you search them on Google and only see their facebook profiles possibly created by one of their beloved students. Many Universities, Polytechnics and Colleges of Education Conferences (especially association conferences) in Nigeria are done without power point presentations; presenters are told to print hard copies of their presentations and share to participants. During presentations, everybody will be reading it like primary school anthem. It is very hard to see new innovations during many association conferences in Nigeria.

We can’t get anything better than “Strongly Agree and Strongly Disagree” type of research we see in many Nigerian Universities, which are dumped all over our obsolete school libraries. Our Entrepreneurship Programmes are handled by lecturers who lack business research skills, who do not have any form of entrepreneurial skills; all they care about is how to get students to register for the course (registration comes with mandatory purchase of entrepreneurship textbook written by same lecturers who continuously share the revenues accruing from their goods). Entrepreneurship Practicum are done on workbook (copy and paste from the internet) with little or no form of real life-skills based learning. If a student fails the course ten times, he/she must register for same course and buy same textbook with its practicum workbook ten times. Meanwhile, students struggle just to pass the course because; the emphasis is on credential acquisition instead of skills acquisition.

At the forthcoming Experts Group Meeting, participants will discuss extensively on emerging issues affecting academic research in Nigeria. At ZeeTarz Publishing, we strongly believe that things can still get better if solutions are preferred on time. This event will take place one day to our 4th International Conference on Education for Sustainable Development scheduled to hold from 28th – 29th March, 2018.


Who Should Attend

The Experts Group Meeting aimed at welcoming academic research experts from Top Universities, Polytechnics, College of Education or Research Institutes and Centres in Nigeria and overseas. To attend this event, the interested participant must meet one or two of the following criteria:

  1. Must be a senior lecturer in any field of study who currently heads or formerly headed a Department, Faculty or Academic Planning Unit.
  2. Must have been an Editor-in-Chief any Academic Journal in Nigeria or Overseas.
  3. Must be current director of federal or international research institute.
  4. Must be a Nigerian or African Professor in a foreign University.
  5. Be willing to make innovative contributions towards the growth of academic research in Nigeria.
  6. Must be available during the one day Experts Group Meeting (we cannot entertain attendees attending to other matters during this forum), participants must be present till the end of the meeting.
  7. Be able to participate in the 4th International Conference on Education for Sustainable Development from 28th -29th March, 2018 at same venue.


What to expect/ Results of the Experts Group Meeting

The outcome and every agreement reached during this meeting will be compiled manually and electronically and send to the following for necessary actions:

  1. Federal Ministry of Education, Nigeria.
  3. University Research Centres in Nigeria
  4. UNESCO and recognized Research Agencies in Nigeria promoting academic research and programmes.
  5. ASUU and ASUP National Council.
  6. International Research Agencies interested in African/ Nigerian Studies.


Date: Tuesday, 27th March, 2018

Venue: San-Diego Hotels, Old Enugu Road, Kpiri-Kpiri, Abakaliki, Ebonyi State, Nigeria.

Time: 9: am – 5: pm.


Participants can as well attend the 4th International Conference on Education on Sustainable Development holding on the 28th and 29th March, 2018 at the same venue.


Our Roles during the Experts Group Meeting:

Please note that there is no form of registration fees for participating in this event once you are invited. It is completely free. ZeeTarz Publishing will provide meeting materials, foods, drinks and bag for participants during the Experts Group Meeting.


Participants’ Roles

Participants are encouraged to fund their trips to Abakaliki and pay for accommodation during the Experts Group Meeting. Accommodation prices in Abakaliki ranges from N3,000 to N15,000 per night.

Available Seats

This event will welcome maximum of 30 participants only. We cannot allow more than this number at this time.

How to Attend

Interested participants should send their expression of interests and CV to

Deadline for receiving Expression of Interest is 30th December, 2017.